Genshin Amazon Prime Rewards [2023] Check Out

The terms genshin amazon prime rewards must sound unfamiliar to some. Doesn’t it? It is a special offer for gamers associated with Genshin, prime gaming, and Amazon prime platforms. 

The facts mentioned above must have raised various questions in your head. That is why we have prepared this detailed analysis of what it entails and who can avail of the benefits of the rewards and how. Please go through our article for details regarding the same.

About genshin amazon prime rewards

As we have mentioned earlier, a special reward came into existence when we’ll reputed organizations, namely Genshin developers and Prime Gaming, came together. Under this offer, users who subscribe to the Prime membership on Amazon can avail themselves of the benefits of various extra features in their game.

It has been developed explicitly for players interested in it, just enough to qualify them to use it. They also get introduced to newer codes every month, each with exciting new benefits that help elevate the gaming fun.

How do you get the Wings of the Starlit Feast in Genshin?

The genshin amazon prime rewards have emerged as an exciting one for many as it has started more and more goodies for each member with each milestone they complete. For example, currently, they have begun a new reward system or campaign bonus specifically for those who, in the course of the campaign, make use of more than four bundle codes.

After using it, they shall be awarded a fantastic feature, the Wings of the Starlit Feast. It shall be conferred on them by the end of the campaign, which shall occur in June.

As mentioned, a player must redeem the bundles to receive the rewards. Therefore, we have prepared below an organized guide on how to use the bundles which, we are sure, shall prove helpful to our readers:

  • First, players need to ensure that they have access to Prime Gaming.
  • Check out the main page once you have ensured your subscription.
  • You shall see all the available codes there. Choose one and make the rewards yours. 

What are the latest genshin amazon prime rewards?

Given the format of the recent campaign that has just begun, it has been notified that a new bundle shall be announced to all the players at three weeks intervals. It began in December 2022 and shall last till June 2023. Within this time, as many as eight bundles shall be made avail for users across the globe.

However, it is essential to note that all the previously active codes are no longer active and must be considered expired. Users curious enough to keep updated on recent releases can subscribe to the email notifications the platform sends as soon as a code gets released. One essential factor to remember is that each bundle or code can be accessed and redeemed through one Prime account. 


Hence, the genshin amazon prime rewards have been a considerable attraction for many gamers across the globe and have proven even more beneficial for members of the Prime platform. It is authentic and legitimate, and we suggest our readers check it out soon. We hope our review was helpful, and we await your comments in the comments section below. 


How to get Primogems on Amazon Prime?

Take the membership and visit the website from “Get in-game content; use the redeem code to unlock the item.

What if the Prime gaming codes do not work/expire?

The code is available for a lifetime and will not get expired.

Can I claim Prime gaming more than once?

No, it’s available for one-time only.

Is taking a Prime gaming membership worth it?

It depends on the individual; if you are a pro player, then it will benefit you.

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