Codes for My Hero Mania | Working Codes Only [MAR- 2023]

People have a craze for anime which has resulted in the form of codes for my hero mania. You must be wondering, how is it so? Users who have been huge Roblox enthusiasts and have a deep-rooted love for anime know how fun and interesting my hero mania is.

We are here to present a detailed analysis of the platform, which shall give our readers and the fans of Roblox a new boost to check out the source for themselves.

About my hero mania

As stated above, the game that is a part of the Roblox experience is created by an amalgamation of the love for Roblox and the anime series. It takes its references and inspiration from the much more popular entity My Hero Academia. 

But any game, no matter how wonderful and thrilling, can get repetitive after a point. The codes have been created to avoid the game from facing the same fate. It confers on users the golden opportunity to explore new spins that can help them reach their ultimate superpowers. 

What are the latest codes for my hero mania?

Aren’t we all wondering what the promocodes are? Of course, we are. But before that, you must know that there are two varieties available. The ones that have had their due shall no longer be accessible, and the ones that get introduced recently shall only be functional. Therefore, we have compiled the list of active ones, which are enlisted here:

  • newyearsupdate23: It confers users the chance to avail of some free spins.
  • turkey22: With this code, you can take ten spins, a single rare spin, and an epic spin.
  • thank350k: Get a total of thirteen spins with this code.
  • season6: Enjoy the perks of fifteen spins by redeeming this code.
  • mhmchristmas22: Reel it in with a lot of free spins.
  • 420k: Use this code to find twelve free and amusing spins for new upgrades.
  • 370klikes: Get one epic spin and make it count.
  • 380kCODE: Thirteen spins available with this code can make your experience worth it.
  • 360kgoal: One more thirteen spins codes for the users to make it exhilarating.
  • 430kcode: You get twelve exciting spins free.

The important detail to note here is that users must always refrain from making any changes to the configuration or structure of the codes. It should always be used similarly as it is mentioned here. 

How to redeem codes for my hero mania?

How do you make the codes beneficial and reap the rewards? We have the answer for you here in a few simple ways. Refer to the following steps, which can enlighten you on how to redeem:

  • Visit the main account of Roblox.
  • Find my hero mania option and choose it.
  • Then scroll to the menu and click on it to open.
  • Please make a selection from one of the codes mentioned above, and put it in the box provided in the same manner.
  • Click on enter and redeem the rewards that you get.

Where can I find more promocodes, updates, and giveaways?

Many, like you, have been curious and anxious to find the answer to the question above. We all know now that to keep a tab on the newest codes for my hero mania, we must keep looking for new announcements. To ensure getting the most authentic notifications, one also needs to follow legitimate sources. Therefore, users must follow the game developer, (at)Poppapengo, available on the popular social media platform, Twitter, with a massive thirty-one thousand followers base.

Those who wish to stay connected to the source regularly on regular basis can connect with them and other players on the Discord platform. These are the trusted sources from where one can find all the latest news. 


Hence, codes for my hero mania have been a boon for the gaming community and user base of Roblox. These have generated a buzz in the market, and for those still concerned, we have provided all the necessary information. We hope it was of use, and we await your remarks and response in the comments section below. 

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