BTRoblox | Get it on Chrome, Firefox & Edge [MAR 2023]

This article will give you detailed information on BTRoblox, including how to collect Robux. You can also have alternate options to enhance your gaming experience; check them out below.

Like any other Robux platform, such a platform also allows you to explore the world of Roblox by enhancing your gaming Avatar with the help of Robux. This platform also has some other options, like daily giveaways and more. It was launched to enhance the graphics and characters.

BTRoblox – In detail

BTR or Btroblox is an extension available on Chrome, Firefox, and Bing, and it has 4.3/5 user ratings. It adds new features and a dashboard with extra functions like a chatbox, interface color/theme options, and a new look to the overall website. 

If you face any issues while using, you can also tweet them on their official Twitter, btroblox <at> 

Most users admired the much-needed night mode theme, which is available in this option. In addition, players can also check the real-life value of the listed items, which is another great feature and can remove unwanted members from the friend list.

It is often seen that gamers need better graphics to have a good gaming experience. Development and update is part of progress so that you can find several updates, beta testing, and additional plugins and app are launched to fix the bug.


  • Created by: Antiboomz
  • Developed: 2019
  • Last Updated: Jan 28, 2023
  • Trust ratings: 4.3/5
  • Alternate options: RoPro, Roblox to USD, Roblox+, RoGold, Roblox friend removal button.


  • All in one app, no need to use multiple plugins for features
  • Add/remove members from the list
  • Change the theme and customize it as per the requirement
  • Benefits users in Roblox studio


  • Most users face issues while installing the Firefox version 

How to use BTR/BTRoblox? (Chrome users)

The method is simple; follow the below steps:

  • Visit the Chrome web store, search BTR, and download.
  • Pin for quick access, click it, and complete the signup process.
  • You will find multiple games on the tab bar, find Roblox and click on the Play button (although you can play any game). New users have to install the Robloxplayers <dot> exe file.
  • If you are a creator to the developer, then you can also create your Roblox game with the help of Roblox studio.

How to download BTR? (Mozilla Firefox)

The process is similar:

  • Download the Firefox browser
  • Go to the Add-ons extensions and install the BTR plugin
  • Active it on and refresh the browser
  • Launch the game, and you are now ready to play

How to download BTR? (Microsoft Edge)

To download it on MS Edge:

  • Visit the browser (MS Edge)
  • Click on three dots in the right corner, then visit the extensions
  • Toggle on the button “Allow extensions from other sources.” 
  • Now visit the chrome store and follow the steps mentioned above in the “How to install it in Chrome.”

Is the BTR safe to use?

During our analysis, we discovered that more than 2M users are already installed and are using it efficiently without any issues. However, the developer keeps updating the app to fix minor issues or add more features. The essential requirement of this plugin is to monitor, control, modify, and customize the page. Also, the developer has mentioned that it will not store user’s information.

You can only use it on the Roblox site; it has a fantastic feature to add or remove friends from the list. So, in this way, it’s completely safe and no such problem to use it.

What are the user reviews?

We researched and visited various platforms to collect the opinions of Roblox users. Most of them marked it a 5-star rating and said that due to BTRoblox, they can now edit their bio without deactivating; another praised it by saying that the friend removal option is a much-needed feature.

Those unsatisfied with it mentioned needing help installing and using it properly and facing issues, mostly Firefox users.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I download BTR in Microsoft Edge?

Yes, the process is mentioned in the above section. It is also available for Firefox.

How to develop Roblox games?

Register yourself on Roblox, and install Roblox studio. You can also use BTR along with it to get more features.

What is the alternative to BTR?

There are multiple alternate options that you can try, like RoPro, Roblox+, RoGold, Roblox, Play Roblox with extras, etc.

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