The Asian American Federation of Florida (AAFF) is a 501(c)(3) coalition that aims to foster unity and collaboration among the various Asian Pacific American organizations and to improve the relationship of a culturally diverse Asian Pacific American community in Florida. The AAFF is a statewide organization made up of more than 70 Bangladesh, Burmese, Cambodian, Chinese, Filipino, Indian, Iranian, Korean, Laotian, Taiwanese, Thai, Turkish and Vietnamese faith-based and community-based organizations, businesses and media.

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Asian American Leadership Summit for Census Outreach

January 16-17, 2010
Downtown Orlando Marriott

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U.S. Census 2010

Everyone in the U.S. must be counted. It is your duty to ensure you and your family are counted in the 2010 Census.

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Florida Facts & Figures

In Florida, the Asian population grew by 78% making it the state's fastest growing minority group


Alien Land Law

Although it was never enforced or put into practice, Florida still has on its books a law banning Asian immigrants from owning land. On November 2008, Florida voters had  an opportunity to remove our State's archaic “alien land law” of 1926, but it failed to pass.. 

This law was originally enacted in response to a movement from West to East that begun with California enacting a similar law in 1913 on the basis that Asian workers, especially immigrants from Japan, would work for lower wages and be able to purchase large tracks of land. The Florida Constitution was amended allowing the legislature to regulate or prohibit, as saw fit, property ownership by aliens that were ineligible for citizenship.  In light of present federal laws which guarantee “equal protection” this type of law has no place anywhere in our country. Believe it or not, Florida is the last state in the union with such a law on its books.   

Immigration Reform

There is a wealth of reports from various think-tanks and government offices regarding the crisis that faces our immigration system. 





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Global economy. The stock market soared over 60% from its March 2009 lows. But the U.S. economy was hampered by rising unemployment and tight credit markets.

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